Good communication is not only crucial to ensure a mutually rewarding scene that you will enjoy, it also demonstrates your sincerity. This is intended to serve the purpose of giving those interested in visiting Domina Lexx a better perspective on her enjoyments, and certain preferences in regards to the conduct and procedure on booking an appointment, and how to avoid making a critical error in contacting her.
Note: Most of this is common sense to the majority of you reading this, seems it needs to be stated in writing for some boys! Let's make a good impression gentlemen, shall we?
Rule #1
The Mistress STRONGLY prefers that you make your initial contact with Her via email if you have never seen Her before. Some days She does not pick up the phone unless She is expecting your call at a certain time frame. Since you are visiting this web site, it is obviously not impossible for you to email Her. If you are concerned about discretion and confidentiality, you may sign up for a free Yahoo or Hotmail email address. Most people are much more effective and thorough in communicating their thoughts by composing it in writing.
Phone and Email Basics
Emails inquiring about any sort of illegal activity, or that contain any vulgarity will be deleted. Emails from "price shoppers" simply asking "how much" will also be deleted. She understands that finances are a concern, but when the first question is "how much" it is just rude. She will send the tribute and general location information when She replies to your initial email.
NEVER, ever call Her Ma'am! Ma'am is a formal mode of address in speaking to an elderly woman. Obviously it is not appropriate. Her name is pronounced "Lex." It's not Lexie, not Lexa, and certainly not Lexus. If you made it this far in the web site, obviously, you are not illiterate so a simple name pronunciation should not be an issue.
Call ONLY during the designated phone hours of 10AM-8PM EST. Especially do not call at obscene hours. You wouldn't call your Doctor at 3AM just to discuss appointments, would you?
Do NOT call incessantly. If you leave her a message, She, or her phone girl will call you back at her convenience. If you do not hear back from her in a few days, send an email or try calling again.
Do NOT call just to hear Her voice and hang up. This is not only annoying, childish and obnoxious, but also harassment. She does have called ID, and she will utilize it. Your phone number and the incident will be saved, so don't be a dildo.
Do NOT bother calling from a blocked or private phone number. It will never be picked up.
Scheduling An Appointment
When She replies to you introductory email, She will tell you an appropriate time for you to call her. Keep in mind that She will be assessing you so don't keep her on the phone with petty chit-chat or repetitive questions. If you are extremely inquisitive and you do not exhibit the proper conduct or manners, She will question your sincerity. This web site more than elaborates Her, and Her interests. There is no reason for her to be redundant. There are many insincere gentlemen out there who try to pull off a free phone session, who do nothing but waste time and money. You don't want to be mistaken for one of them. Her time is very limited. Show Her that you respect that.
She is very selective and if She does not feel you are compatible, She will decline the session. In most cases, however, She will happily recommend another Mistress who may be more suitable to your scene.
Know your schedule ahead of time and understand that it is best that you give a window of time instead of expecting a certain hour. For example: "Mistress, I am available Thursday anywhere from 4PM and as late as 8PM. Please let me know which time is best for you."
After it is determined that you are compatible and your time is scheduled, you will be given a confirmation time for when to call to confirm just to be certain that you are both running on schedule. Don't forget to confirm your appointment. Typically, there is another sub waiting on a back up list hoping for you to forget or fail to confirm so he can grab your time slot.
Repeat clientele: please be considerate and do so as soon as possible. First time clients who cancel will be required to pay for their next session in advance.
What To Expect When You Arrive
Once you confirm your appointment, she will give you cross streets of the location of where to go at the time. As for parking, there are plenty of meters and parking lots in the immediate area, and it is also very easily accessible to public transportation. Be timely! Do not be late, or show up early expecting to come in.
After you are parked and standing at the corner, call and she will direct you to the door. This is just for discretion purposes so that you will not see anyone on your way in.
When you come into the studio, you will be greeted by the Mistress and taken to a room to begin your consultation. which is not part of the playtime. You are welcome to use the restroom or have a glass of water, just ask. You will then begin consultation and discuss with the Mistress about your experiences, limits and desires and any mental or health issues you may have. Be forthright when discussing your interests and ask to clarify any part of your discussion if it brings you more at ease. She doesn't like to begin playing until you are both satisfied with the introductions. Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed...She has heard it all.
Communication is crucial to ensure that you BOTH have a wonderful and rewarding time, so leave those troublesome societal conventions and your inhibitions at home, and open up.
You will be given a safe word that is YOUR responsibility to utilize when you have been pushed past your limits. Like any responsible and secure Mistress, She will appreciate the input although t is extremely rare when it has to be used as she is very intuitive and excellent in reading body language. Do not try to impress her by attempting to surpass your limits too far. That is just idiocy. While in session, be obedient and respectful.
Don't Even Try!
Like you have your own limits, the Mistress has hers'. This is basic common sense; most subs know how to conduct themselves while with a Mistress. For the few who don't know:
Do not make any lascivious comments, request anything sexual, or touch the Mistress in a vulgar matter. There is no sex, no "favors" or nudity on the part of the Mistress. If you choose to test this, instead of receiving desired punishment, you will be shown the door but your tribute won't.
Are You Ready?
If you understand these instructions, and can follow them, you may proceed to the contact page to request a session.